Mako returned it Korra noticed which have an effective disgusted term, appearing one she had been jealous of its connection

Later on, whenever Bolin is kidnapped because of the Air Temple Isle given that Avatar are degree. On seeing that Mako is actually addressing, [31]

At the professional-bending championship match, Asami blew a kiss in the Mako. When Korra returned properly from looking for Amon, Mako immediately rushed out to kiss this lady and shared with her one he had been "very happy" she is safer. [32]

Pursuing the Specialist-twisting Arena are signed down, Korra quickly hurried out over the newest attic once the Mako and you may Bolin was indeed loading, convinced that they'd have to return to the fresh new roads, however, Korra advised him or her that they could remain at Heavens Forehead Isle. Although not, the new Avatar found that Asami got already considering them to stay together with her regarding Sato property , much in order to the lady fury.

Korra and Lin Beifong , and several metalbending officers got started beaten. To lead her to help you security, Mako hoisted the Avatar through to their arms while you are Asami encountered the woman father. After Asami defeated Hiroshi, the group escaped towards the an authorities airship . Around, Korra accepted Mako's apology and you can invited him, Bolin, and you can Asami to live on Sky Temple Isle. She next informed Mako so you're able to comfort Asami, just who she told you very requisite your during those times. [19]

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