Later on, he encourages Saitama and you may Genos so you're able to their dojo to attempt to hire these to their dojo

Possibly because of shedding all but one out of his disciples to their former top disciple Garou (near the top of his retirement and his awesome leftover disciple's incompetence), Fuck is obviously excitedly looking the disciples to advance him. Once proclaiming that he would not require the new meteorite to-fall towards the Z-Town because perform remove their dojo, Screw rapidly demonstrates their Water Stream Stone Crushing Digit, to Genos, just to know that the fresh new cyborg had already remaining. His unyieldingness to protect the customers/civilians can probably be said while the strategic characteristics in the wide world of heroes. He's a feeling of nobility and you may ethical ethics, ergo generating regard about other heroes. [4]

He and you may Superalloy Darkshine are seen as the dual pillars of your champion business

Fuck cares deeply having his former disciple, Garou. The guy concerns for Garou's destiny to become a monster, a process that looks irreversible. [10] When appointment your deal with-to-deal with once again, Screw shows total contempt to own their fell scholar, spitting that he has been little more than a pet. [11] In their last conflict, Fuck laments how far the young guy keeps dropped, and you can resolves to create him up to, [12] and you can instruct him really again. [13]

Inside the earlier in the day, Bang is actually shown to be conceited, pompous, and you can scratchy, very much like Garou. He'd go around problematic competitors whom appeared strong and constantly put them about medical to grow more powerful and you will confirm their talent. [14] While their current style design focused on self-defense and you will redirecting opponent's periods, Bang's earlier style style is actually geared toward destructive fuel, an expression of their criminal character. Read more