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Just like the Enneagram provides equivalent echo visualize, we can surmise which also offers a positive and you may negative front side. The experience of one's Enneagram is regarded as to-be away from this new spiritual world and the Vortex become of your own thing domain because the crossing part of your own Enneagram is actually nearer to Goodness ('do') ahead than the Vortex and therefore serves the fresh physical looks and that's lower down. Together with, this new Vortex follows the side songs and also the Enneagram requires shortcuts plus the output straight back like the highs and troughs of a great revolution that enables they so you can get across at increased point.

The latest dictate of triangle circumstances from the step three and you may six are comparable in options.

From the Vortex Math, six and you can step three exchange metropolitan areas continuously. About Enneagram, the fresh triangle determine is essential to aid connection both discontinuities out-of 'mi' and you will 'fa' and you may 'sol' and you can 'la' since the one another program outlines each and every have been in opposition. (Incidentally, which helps the newest symmetric action in the 'sol' and you can 'la' in lieu of the expected discontinuity between 'ti' and you may 'do' - next discussed regarding about Dining Octave into the Speak step 1.)

Listed below are universal derived mention vectors with the Gurdjieff Enneagram overladed:

Here we could see specific notes that will be contrary toward direction of Enneagram and lots of places they demand new assistance of one's Enneagram. Therefore the a couple of cities in reality in which he is compared and you can supported will be the laurels of your devil together with angel for the all of our last drawing.

The fresh new range Age ('mi') to help you B('ti') from eight pure notes of the A dozen Mention drawing (above) reinforces one line of the Enneagram if you're line D ('re') so you're able to A great ('la') https://datingranking.net/cs/fdating-recenze/ will be compared by Enneagram line. They are the a couple of laurels of your own angel in addition to devilparing this new characteristics towards the corrected Dinner Octave when you look at the lecture step one:

When you look at the Eating octave 're' was Digestive system (stomach), 'mi' was Circulatory Program (liver), 'fa' are Neurological system (cerebellum), 'sol' was Considering Heart (cerebrum) (They certainly were swapped from what Gurdjieff has revealed.), and you can 'la' are brand new Urinary tract (hormones, "heart") (that was brand new vibrations being left out of the Food Octave because of the Gurdjieff), and therefore the latest that is this new Reproductive Program (the newest sex organs).

That it 'Law away from Ninefoldness' has some almost every other amazing keeps eg continuous motion while i will show. Disappointingly, "Beelzebub's Stories in order to His Grandson" Chapter 6 Perpetual Actions doesn't tell you that it secret, except to describe the newest spaceship that they're travel when you look at the since the an analogy of being-Partkdolg obligations. From the Part 41, brand new excerpt away from Gurdjieff just like the Beelzebub discussing the new 'Law off Ninefoldness' is, regrettably missing in a great tangential tale into the effect of sound oscillations towards physical body that's demonstrably regarding the their incapacity to end their wife's demise out-of cancers.

System of Fifthsderived regarding table more than (showing right digits)

Richard's remark concerning significantly more than performers which i composed: "It’s quite, but misleading. Observe as to the reasons it’s misleading, recall your angel and demon show a and you will evil, which is, the fresh couch potato and you can active pushes. The new performer that is becoming swung ahead was playing the couch potato character which needs to be portrayed by the angel. But it works out you've got the angel and you may devil providing transforms getting swung ahead. In reality, it would be don't to make use of the fresh new angel and you may devil to help you show the latest dancers anyway, while the that just confuses both dualities (you to duality contains the hexagon period in addition to triangle cycle: the 2 performers; another duality contains new inactive and you may productive pushes: the brand new angel therefore the demon). The guy agrees you to definitely 'la' certainly can be acquired, but it is just not caused by Harnelmiatznel. 'La' are Piandjoehary that has transferred to the place from Exioehary. Only after this circulate really does other process of Harnelmiatznel occur, transforming the brand new went Piandjoehary with the Exioehary. See the prevent off section 5.5 (price 5.6 additionally the section one to pursue it). What's chill is the fact this one or two-action process (Piandjoehary basic moves right after which is turned into Exioehary of the Harnelmiatznel) occurs during the just that stage of your half a dozen-stage years hence generally seems to solution more than an additional note. This is because for every single stage of one's years represents good procedure of Harnelmiatznel, thus 'la' doesn't get a unique enneagram."