The new medal recognizes an excellent efforts so you're able to practical geophysics and for unselfish collaboration inside the search

Keiiti Aki

Keiiti Aki is approved new 2004 William Bowie Medal at the AGU Slide Appointment Celebrates Service, which had been stored on the , within the San francisco bay area, Ca.


Kei Akis medical studies have offered this new frontiers regarding seismology to own 50 years.

He pioneered the fresh new digital running out of seismic analysis in order to infer World framework and you can services of disturbance supply. The majority of whatever you find out about highest earthquakes pursue of their functions.

He had been the first ever to measure seismic time (to your 1964 Niigata earthquake); Aki moment have since replaced Richter magnitude as the important measure off disturbance size. He located the fundamental scaling laws having seismic spectra you to resolved inconsistencies one of different magnitude balances, in which he recommended physical varieties of earthquakes to have heterogeneous fault rupture. That it really works contributed rather so you're able to both the very first knowledge of the newest rupture processes therefore the practical comprehension of strong floor motions.

The guy elucidated the brand new scattering and you may attenuation procedure that control the propagation out of high-frequency seismic waves, at which the guy derived the newest techniques for calculating quake proportions, scattering withdrawals, and you may built-in attenuation parameters. The guy exhibited, as an instance, your built-in attenuation need decrease within higher wavelengths.

The guy establish of many book tips for explaining areas of seismic surf, in addition to 100 % free-oscillation breaking, Gaussian beams, and you can edge inbuilt methods. From inside the per instance, he and his students effectively put these types of strategies to pull the new sorts of suggestions of seismograms.

The guy pioneered take a trip-go out tomography as a way to study lithospheric design below heavy seismic arrays, posting seminal records almost ten years just before the extensive app to worldwide seismology. The guy based brand new seismological views for the eruptive procedure, like the relationship of seismicity and you can harmonic tremor so you can magma shot and you can emergence. He imagined fault-area guided surf and you can made use of the propagation qualities so you're able to constrain the latest depth and you will suppleness of the wreck areas doing flaws.

Because impressive because abbreviated number might sound (alot more information can easily be added), it does not communicate Keis real feeling for the geoscience community. The guy virtually authored the ebook Quantitative Seismology, by far the most influential book and you will resource guidelines on the reputation for the field, that he coauthored which have Paul Richards inside 1980.

Since the an instructor and you can coach, the guy entrained of a lot brilliant children inside the trip understand the fresh productive World, generating more 50 Ph.D.s which today invade secret ranking in the seismology in the world. Their achievements when you look at the at the rear of more youthful researchers stems in part in the breadth regarding their facts, plus regarding their exceptional private attributes-charm, laughs, and you will an intense value toward harmony and you will poetry of your natural community.

Keis hushed frontrunners from inside the seismology have shown the fresh refinement and electricity out of unselfish collaboration inside the lookup. He's held of numerous positions: president of your own Seismology Section of AGU, president of Seismological Society out of The usa, sofa of the NAS Panel on the cybermen Seismology.

But their top frontrunners end is actually the manufacture of the brand new Southern California Quake Heart into the 1991. As its beginning manager, Kei articulated an eyesight to have SCEC where the comparison from the disciplinary operating communities might possibly be woven along with her to your a system-level ‘learn model having disturbance danger and you may chance for the Southern California. The proprietor-model design led to of numerous improves inside seismic chances study, including the incorporation away from GPS studies with the enough time-label disturbance anticipating, also it continues to publication the new increasing SCEC collaboration.

Some experts loom so higher within their industries that we need certainly to recipient of William Bowie Medal, is the most the beasts.


William Bowie, immediately after who this new Bowie medal is named, is troubled because of the selecting out of seismologists in early 1920s you to definitely earthquakes is generally taking place within deepness out-of almost step 1,one hundred thousand kilometres, because the he had been residing in a good field of isostasy, where in actuality the Earths indoor is during hydrostatic harmony underneath the 100-kilometer thick crust.